An inconvienent truth-al gore

Acesta este un filmulet despre incalzirea globala si efectele ei asupra climei. Am aflat de el prin intermediul unui curs pe care trebuie sa il invat pentru examenul de maine. MI se pare interesant. Cred ca ar trebui sa va uitati un pic la el si sa fiti constienti de actiunile pe care le faceti in viitor.
Pun aici si un trailer pe care l-am gasit pe youtube.

Aici e un filmulet funny din cadrul prezentarii An invconvenient truth pentru care Al Gore a castigat premiu grammy.

Povestioara din „Marti cu Morrie” de Mitch Albom

Povestea unui mic val,care se rostogoleste prin ocean si se distreaza grozav.Se bucura de briza si de aerul curat, pana cand, vede un alt val in fata lui, spargandu-se de mal.
„Doamne, ce groaznic!spune valul.Asta o sa se intample si cu mine!”
Apoi apare un alt val. Il vede pe primul val, speriat, si il intreaba:”De ce esti trist?”
Primul val ii spune:”Nu intelegi?! O sa fim cu totii zdrobiti!Noi,valurile, vom disparea!E groaznic!
Al doilea val ii spune:”Nu, nu intelegi.Tu nu esti val, faci parte din ocean.”

Savage Attacks in Congo Go Unreported for Months


The Lord’s Resistance Army has been tormenting villages in Eastern Africa for more than two decades in one of the worst humanitarian crises in history. The revolt in Uganda ended in 2005 but the rebels moved on and now terrorize the Congo.

Two women, whose lips were cut off in December by the LRATwo women, whose lips were cut off in December by the LRA

One of the worst attacks of the 23-year insurgency took place only a few months ago and the UN has just learned of yet another incident.

Though the most recent attacks took place in February, they remained unreported and under the radar of the rest of the world until last weekend, when the UN’s top humanitarian official, John Holmes, met with escaped victims and local authorities.

One victim, a young mother, had her lips pulled with pliers as they cut them, along with her right ear, off with a knife. The rebels mutilate people like this everywhere they go as a savage warning to those who dare speak of, or hear about the LRA. Often, kidnapped boys as young as 10 or 11 are forced to carry out these heinous acts.

Since peace talks broke down in September of 2008, LRA rebels have slaughtered 1,600 civilians and kidnapped another 2,500 who will presumably be tortured and killed or become child soldiers.

According to Invisible Children, the LRA has no known agenda except killing and kidnapping people, mainly children, to swell their ranks.

Here’s what you can do: TELL SOMEONE. This has been going on for too long and too few people are aware of it. You’re online now – send a tweet, update your status, post a link. Visit to see what else you can do.

Via Invisible Children

Image via Human Rights Watch

You can choose Invisible Children as your charity on SocialVibe to earn free donations that will help educate war-affected children in Uganda.

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