EMA 2010-Madrid

I am watching right now the live performance of Bon Jovi on Mtv Grecce. What can i say..it was a nice show..especially for the performance of my favorite band, Linkin Park. I’m glad that they won the Best Live Act, i voted for them on all the categories they were nominated:D. This years rock nominees were all so heavy…i mean i love them all..but i had to chose my first love..to bad they didn’t won. 30 seconds to mars is a great band, love their songs to.
The most disappointing win for me was Justin Bieber,, i mean what’s up with that..what is he , like 14 years old..that can’t be the best male…between Eminem and all the other guys, really kids shouldn’t be allowed to vote:)))
I also licked that Paramore won in their category, they deserve it..great songs, I have all their albums:D
Lady Gaga won 3 awards and wasn’t even there..that’s just sad.
Over all i licked the show, can\t wait for the next awarding ceremony of something.. I like to watch this kind of things..even since i was in high school. I used to stay all night up, with my big sis and watch the Oscars, and then skip school the next day because i was to tired to go…
So this is my summery of the EMA 2010 in Madrid. I hope my cousin, Bree, from Spain got to go and see it all live. Sorry about the English writing, but i have to make it for my friends from Athens to understand my blog to.
A kiss for you all that are following my blog:D