Dance in the Vampire Bund

So..this is my first anime post..should have been much more, but just occured to me to share my wisdom about anime, cause i can say i am an anime freak..since i saw Sailor Moon a few years ago.
So this is my update..i have recently finished watching „Dance in the Vampire Bund”. I think is really coll and i liked it very much. It’s about the Queen of Vampires, Mina Tepes( some connection with Vlad Tepes, whom is supposed to be the original vampire, lol, i’m from Transilvania, near the castle of Dracula, but haven’t seen any vampires, so sorry to break your expectations), she is trying to establish a vampire bund, a place for all vampires while nurturing her love for Akira, her werewolf servant. It only has 12 episodes and i think is an 18+ kind of anime, so boys be sure to check it out:)

here is a link where you can watch it online

P.S i found this video on youtube..enjoy:)

Un gând despre „Dance in the Vampire Bund

  1. marius s spune:

    Super cool blog. 😀 keep the good work, love the anime post, take care

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