20 rules when you have a zombie problem

1.Cardio: be sure you can run fast enough.
2.Get a gun, learn how to use it.
3.Double tap:shoot the zombie in the head,twice,just to be sure.
4.Get a car.
5.Buckle your seatbelt.
6.Beware of bathrooms.
7.Find wacky survivors, make a group. Max 4 ppl.
8.Travel light, so you can always pick up and rule nr 1.
9.Never settle.
10.Break stuff to keep sanity.
11.Do the crazy things that you always wanted to do.(steal Lamborghini, walk around naked,eat a lot of chocolate, whatever )
12.Use creative methods to kill zombies.
13.Try not to get attention to yourself.
14.When in doubt,know your way out.
15.Stay away from big cities.
16.Pick zombie kill of the weak.
17.Thank god for rednecks!(there is even a spell check for rednecks:D)
18.Try to get automatic, faster to charge when in danger.
19.Enjoy the little things.
20.Try to live your life to the fullest, until one of those motherfuckers gets you.

I just watched ZOmbieland, which is a kick-ass movie, loved it.Anyone that likes zombie movies has to check it out . Really funny, aside for the ending of the world and all.So i thought i could pick up the rules that i think most appropriate to survive in a zombie situation.And remember now, ZOmbies don’t exist, they will never exist.So take this as a fun , killing time, thing;))
Here is the trailer.