The walking dead

Here it is, The Walking Dead, the best hot stuff. It scored first in views with the last three episodes. And my new , all time favorite show. It has thrill, action, emotional stuff, good actors. Based on the comic book with the same name by Robert Kirkman.

Now i have to be honest, i only started watching it because i knew that one of my favorite actors, Norman Reedus is going to be in it(third episode:Tell it to the frogs as Daryl Dixon)But it actually grew on me, made me interested. I always liked to watch horror movies, although i am the kind of girl that screams and hides under a pillow, i still like the thrill . I can tell you even if it is just another zombie movie, it’s different, it really makes you intrigued and interested. The characters are so well played and well written, you have everything from the scum of the heart to his saviors, family drama and survival skills. You even get attached to the characters even if you know they might die this episode or the next one.
This is a post to share my love for the show.
Here is the trailer:)