walking dead last episode this season

SO these are some caps from TS-19, awesome episode…at first i was like..God are they conna talk all episode? where’s the fun in that..but the last 20 min were so cool..they were so close to die, all of them, i was so scared. I can’t believe that Andrea wanted to die, i get the lossing AMy stuff , but still.And the doc…i totally get him..but i would try to survive , maybe that’s because i didn’t exactly meet my soul mate and stuff, maybe i would feel the same if i were robed of the person i love most. Don’t know.This ep was so interesting, it makes you put yourself a lot of questions.
I think the next step for them is just trying to survive, go somewhere and live their life, kill as many zombies as they can, and never give up.
ZOmbie kill of the episode:Daryl beheading that zombie with an axe, that took my breath away, it was so dam cool. I missed the Daryl action:)
Likes:that they all get drunk, i think they needed that..seing DAryl with a bottle, that brings up memories(BDS), shower action(Glenn is hot:)), but no DAryl..buhuuuuu
Dislikes:that SHane dude is a nutt case , he really needs to get laid:))

P.S I still wonder about Merle, maybe he changed , i saw Tell it to the frigs yesterday, and he was like repenting and stuff, maybe he seeks enlightment, or he is on a zombie killing spree:))


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