Christmas favorite movies:)

1. Home alone , it’s a tradition for the Romanian networks to show it every time around CHristmas:)so i got to love it as a child and I still like watching it.

2.The Harry Potter movies(esspecialy part 1 and 2) all dough they are not about CHristmas i like to watch them in Christmas eve with my family. Great family movies and favorites of mine.I am planing to see them this Christmas eve 🙂

3. A Christmas CArol needs no presentation:)

4.Jack Frost

5.Star wars(ep 4,5,6) they always get them on Pro Tv and i used to watch them waiting for my dad to come from Greece in Christmas time, so they remind me of Christmas. And always loved to watch them, the geeky girl that i am:)

6.Mean GIrls, cause it’s fun:)

7.Home alone 2


9. Fantaghiro, best children movie ever:) who doesn’t like a talking rock?

10.The Neverending Story

SO this is my Christmas post, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year:)
Thank you for viewing my blog:)


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