It’s just random babble

I have no interest in doing anything. I have no idea why i am lacking the desire of doing something , anything. I guess it’s too much sleep. I am so used to a lot off sleep now i don’t even mind wakening up at 11 everyday. It sucks not to have something to do.I mean i have something to do but like i said i have no desire of doing it. I have to study, yeah, that’s my important schedule for about 2 weeks from now.Just study for 2 exams, only 2. And i don’t want to.All i want to do is watch funny videos on youtube and sleep.Not even watching Boondock Saints yesterday didn’t boost me up.It usually does.But not this time. I don’t even want to go out with my friends. I just want to stay at home and do nothing. I feel so out of place. I taught coming home will make me feel better, but it doesn’t. I am as depressed as ever. I guess this is the word, depressed. And the sad thing is i don’t even have a reason to be depressed. I miss my lil bro a lot, i almost cry every time i think about him, but i should be used to this by now. The thing is i don’t understand why i am so down. I just can’t put my finger on it. I should just start writing some story that i will not finish, again, of course. I always do that, start the story and don’t finish it. I’m to emotional, i have to stop that.Yeah, think ramen:)..I can’t wait to go at the Japanese restaurant i found in Cluj and eat some. That might brighten up my mood. I certainly hope so. I hate being like this.I think i should write myself some motivational messages around my room, that would be fun, something like „Study Bitch!”:))) cause i gotta pass this damn exams .
Ha i already feel better, i knew writing will make me feel better:).
And to end this random babble i just gotta say Norman Reedus is the best actor ever! Comment if you agree:))

This is my mood pic:))