shit, i can’t sleep:(

It’s almost 2 am and i can’t sleep. Too much coffee or to much exhaustion, don’t know what the cause is , but it’s driving me crazy. I really need to sleep. I have to study tomorrow.Don’t know what to do. Currently i am listening to depressing music on youtube.

I tried watching a movie i like(Moscow Chill with Norman Reedus). I tried watching a movie that bores me(some random movie). Nothing works.I have to many things on my head.

This song is perfect. I love it a lot.

So because off my lack of ability to sleep i’m going to have a real journal post and write what i did today.
The most significant thing is going skating with my friends.My first time, i was an ice skating virgin(it;s good to still be a virgin in some things,makes you feel young), lol…I did ok. Didn’t fall once.That shit is harder than it looks:)))..I was so scared i was going to fall all the time. I went to the ice rink from Cora. We had some discounts and i heard it was less crowded and the rumors were true.It was alright, considering that i flipped every time someone was close to me, no impact fall thank God:) .My friend Eli helped me getting started. SHe had a lot of patience for me so thank you Eli:) You are a real friend:D.It was an interesting experience.I managed to go by myself after an hour, slowly but still:D.I’m so proud of myself:) I want to give me a hug:))) I liked it a lot. Hope i will go again sometime, get the basics at least. I would love to become comfortable on ice. I love water in any form. I will post a pic after i get my camera , i forgot it at one of my friends. I am so out of this world sometimes. I should live more in real time:)) Not in my head. THis is going to be one of my things to do list.After studying. I get stressed out about anything. Oh spring come already, i will feel better after the sun comes back. I am a fire element after all in the horoscope, so i guess sun is vital for me . I always feel a great relieve after the winter passes.
I want flowers:)
I’ll end this now cause i got bored of writing too, damn.
I’ll just listen to music until i go numb.
P.S Thank you Mihu and Serby for being there at the rink learning how to skate 2. Especially Mihu for all your cheering.


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