Book review:)

I haven’t did this in a while, review a book i mean.
I just finished reading, yesterday, a book i got for Christmas from my sister. I know it took a lot of time for me to read it, but I’ve just been busy. This post is about Laura Henderson’s book, ” Margarita with ice”. It’s kinda a detective novels. It’s about a young sculptor named SAm, yes it’s a girl.It’s ok, didn’t impress me a lot, but i never was one for detective novel, i like horror more;))
The thing i love most about the novel is the main character, Sam. She is a determined young woman, smart and beautiful. I like her cause she is a strong and independent kinda gall.
The plot is about some murders that happen during the display of Shakespeare’s Summer dream , i believe the play is called, at the Cross Theater in London. And Sam happens to do some art work for the play and tries to solve the mystery.
Strong points: Sam, her romance with one of the actors, insight in the theater world.
Things i didn’t love: the other characters are to vague, i usually remember everyone, but the author doesn’t tell to much about them, i had no idea who the murderer was, which is a surprise cause i usually know , the murders are random, not detailed enough.
This book is good for light reading when you don’t want to get bored.It helped me calm down my nerves while i was stressed about exams, a guy, things to do cause i need to man up (i’m almost 23 and have to get serious about my life, not marriage an stuff, hell no, just get a job, things like that;)).
Another thing that i liked was this song, Sam was listening to it, and i like it 2.:)

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