Movies:)spoiler alert;))

THis is a post about movies, i just finished watching them. Because of my Flanery-Reedus obsession(i have to admit i’m addicted) i watched „30 days until i’m famous” with Sean Patrick Flanery and „Gossip” with Norman Reedus. Loved them both:)

I’m going to post some caps from both of the movies and tell you what i liked about them, now, with fresh eyes:)
The first one,”30 days until i’m famous” is a romantic comedy. It was fun to watch. It’s about a mexican girl, leaving in LA , a normal girl, struggling for her and her family, works a lot, doesn’t have any hopes of the future. ANd this guy, Cole(SPF) takes a bet with his boss, in order to be promoted he has to turn a random girl into a Pop sensation. So the boss picks the little mexican girl because he is sure he will fail, or he just wants to test Cole, to know if he really is up for the job, or he is a bored and wacky old man. Of course it’s a cheesy romantic movie, but it’s nice. The boy and the girl fall in love . After he turns her into a Latina replicate of what americans think latinos should be, she hates it, she is great in her role, but feel it’s not true to her feelings so she quits. She performs a song of her own at the big showcase and walks. He realizes he was such a jerk and wants to live life with her, quits his job, after the boss offers him the promotion, and goes after her. They kiss kiss and make up. And they live happily , but poorly, ever after.
I know, such a typical romantic comedy for Hollywood. But i liked it. Sometimes ppl need to be distracted from their lives with something positive:)

And the second movie, well it’s totally different. Very Normanish , i love his crazy , dark movies. It’s about tree college friends that live together, 2 guys and a girl. Derek is a playboy guy, Jones(the girl, Kathy actually, just like me (:) is a good girl, who of course has a crush on Derek. I don’t know what it is with this guys you just know they are going to break your heart, but you still fall for them , deeply and truly, juts to realize they really are jerks and break your heart. Don’t mind me, i’m babbling. And the third, Travis(Norman, God he is awesome in this role) he is an artist, a little freaky, like a genius kinda artist, the ones you never get , but like their art cause it’s deep and you don’t understand it. I see were Norm’s artistic self comes from.
Norm just Tweeted this:) nice, i love the song:)
Back to our sheeps.
These tree friends decide to do a paper for their class about gossip, and start a rumor about this beautiful blond girl(Kate Hudson, always liked her movies) , that she slept with some ppl at a party, although she always said that she wouldn’t sleep with no one. The rumor spreads and then it turns ugly cause it changes from slept with some guy into being raped by her bf while she was unconscious. So she hears it and charges him with rape, because she was with him at the party but she passed out from the booze and doesn’t know what happened. Really interesting movie . Here is the trailer:)

The ending was rally surprising, hmm, it’s not a usual ending and i think you guys should watch it yourselves. It is worth it. 🙂 I bet the trailer will make you watch it, i know sex:)))

I love how they show the sex scenes in both the movies.
When SPF and his girls sleep together they let you imagine it, not see it. Nowadays any movie has some porn in it, which i don’t think it’s appropriate. I like it more when they like show the couple starting to undress and kissing each other, passionately and then black, and they show them in bed after or something, the anticipation and the thrill is better. What happened to the romance in the movies? If i want to watch porn i have internet(i don’t watch porn, but everyone knows the internet is for porn, just like in that Southpark song) Movies are getting sleazier by the decade, which is sad, all the movies will be just porn in 15 years. I like to be entertained, but my mind too, not just my body, I like movies that make me think, surprise me. Like Black Swan , i never expected for her to die, or Winter’s Bone, the most awesome movie i saw this year. Made me cry like a baby. Emotions, that’s all about it, about what i want to see, something that creates emotion.Oh , Hell, i love an action movie with blood all around and stuff, but i want to see something that tests me, my way of thinking, form time to time 2.
So that’s about it, i bored you enough . Haven’t written a post of this length for some time;)).
Can’t find a trailer for 30 Days until i’m famous, weird, not even on youtube. Well this are old movies.
I apologize for any writing mistakes and such, it’s almost 1 am, and i’m falling asleep;)). Have a great night yall:)

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