Happy St.Patty’s Day

I love this holiday, especially cause it’s irish. It kinda became a Boondock Saints celebration for most of us, the BDS fan base.SO it’s a specially day, because everyone is Irish today.And of course any reason to drink is a good reason. My Twitter and Facebook blew up with happy wishes from everyone.I love the Boondock Betties, we back up our saints, and each other.It is a privilege to be a part of this big and multi cultural family. So here is for you, all my Boondock friends. Have a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY
First, Sean’s awesome and funny video:)

And now some Boondock love:)

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just one click for a funny video with the BDS cast:)

Morning randomness

It’s almost noon but for me it’s still morning, i woke up at 10:35, ate breakfast( milk and toast with jam, we call it dulceata=sweetness lol) and i taught i should write a post while drinking my coffee.
Yesterday was such a lazy day that i watched 3 movies;)).First was „Last day of summer”, it is a drama about a loser kid that decides to kill his jerk of a boss because he was awful to him.But he encounters a beautiful girl and takes her captive in a crappy hotel room. They talk and become friends and the kid realizes life does not suck that bad.It’s an ok movie, makes u think about the good things in your life and that it can always be worse. So be happy with what u have.
Second movie „Remember Me” with Robert Pattison, is a romance/drama movie, about a boy and a girl that are hunted by the death of brother/mother and they find each other, fall in love and learn about life and the will to live it. The bottom line of this movie is to live your life to the full.Consider every day as your last. I kinda like the idea, i want to enjoy life as much as possible. hmm, i have to say something about Robert in this role. Don’t get me wrong , i think he is gorgeous but i think his acting skills need a little bit of improvement. I may be to critical or i’m used to great acting from my movie obsession with the guys from Boondock Saints( Hail for Norman and Sean), but i wasn’t so impressed by Rob’s performance in this movie. He looked so out of it, maybe that’s how Tyler should have been, but i taught it wasn’t so appropriate. Anyway i recommend u see the movie, it’s ok. I have to admit i was so shocked by the ending, made me cry:(. So sad. SO live your life and hug everyone(i have a Boondock bettie friend that lost a friend this weekend, R.I.P, and didn’t know if she hugged her last time she saw her, so trust me, hug your friends). And with all this that happened in Japan, i think we should enjoy more what we do and remember to talk to everyone and tell them how u feel. My heart is with all the Japanese ppl and they are my favorite culture in the world, so for me it’s more than awww, poor ppl, it’s like my own ppl are hurt. And makes me so sad.
I am a little afraid about this Japan thing, mom told me that in the bible , in the Apocalypse said that God will take from every nation a lot of ppl before the ending of the world comes. SO who knows, maybe the word will end in 2012 after all this catastrophic things that happened.Hope not, i’m too young, hadn’t had my little girl yet:(. And don’t have anyone to truly love forever and ever, that isn’t family. So i have to find him.
Third movie, The two towers, cause i love it. My unending love for Legolas who will always be my favorite character ever and my ideal guy and my everything.:)
I gotta go clean up the house, damn i’m so lazy. Coffee is good.:D

First of March:)

It’s officially the first day of Spring, yey, finally. I can’t wait for all the snow to melt and flowers to bloom. I think this should be the first day of the year, so it can be blessed with sun and happy feelings. 1 month and 1 day until my birthday, i love that my birthday is in spring. Guess i’ll make a trip in the woods with my friends as soon as the weather gets warmer:D

Happy 1 March!

Paulo Coelho-Valkyries

This book is amazing. I read it in about 4 hours, and it changed my life forever.I recommend reading the book before reading my post, makes more sense;)) I can’t believe how stupid we really are, ignorant. I took pride in my not truly believing in God , but deep down i always believed, but my sadness told me that this can’t exist because i was to unhappy and he didn’t help me. I was waiting to see my miracle. When actually i was the one not helping myself. I always wanted for the things to end bad in my life so i can complain. I convinced myself that i don’t deserve to be happy, i wanted it a lot, but never let myself achieve it. I can’t believe i was the one making my life miserable. And now i say it as clear as water in my cup. I was the one saying and hoping for the bad. I used to say to myself that i was only expecting the worst to prepare myself from disappointed, but didn’t realize i was creating the disappointment. And i was letting myself leaded by my idea of misfortune . I never believed in good, hoped but never let it sink in.I know the most important thing for me in life is to love and be loved , i love my family more than anything yet i try to keep my distance from that feelings because i am so afraid to loose them, i am so afraid that i don’t let myself enjoy the feeling of love, the fact that they love me a lot and feel the same way. I always felt so alone, and now i realize i made myself alone. My ideas of sadness made me feel so alone. I can’t believe i’m saying this but i believe in my Guardian Angel. I didn’t gave him credit, although i am 23 and never happened anything to me. Know i now that my ANgel told me to take that unexpected turn when that weird man was following me. I am shocked , I felt his malice and his will to harm me, but couldn’t just turn away, and my Angel told me to take that unexpected turn and got away, i am stunned. I was wondering where did that come from? I guess i helped my ANgel keep me safe, but not happy. I made myself so unhappy. I know it sounds nuts but this book is so awesome. I learned so much about life.
It’s about the mag’s quest to get in touch with his ANgel, wich he does eventually. The thing that shocked me is that it’s so easy to remember Him, your ANgel, and realize his existence. I didn’t know why i loved so much the nature,it was because it brings us back to our roots, to the sense of freedom that we used to have. ANd we caged ourselves in impressive homes, expensive cars, internet , indoors . When the best way to know ourselves is to go outside, experienced life. We forgot all about that. I know now why i love the sea so much, i can see the horizon in it’s most perfect form and feel free. All the problems and walls we create for ourselves fall down. True happiness can not be achieved until we understand we deserve it and expect it. DOn’t be scared to do what your heart tells you, it might be the right thing to do.
I think the most important thing in this world is love, love for each other, love for ourselves, love for the things around. FOr the first time in my life i have hope for human kind and for myself. I always thought we are doomed (just had a flashback about writing this in my dream last night,omg) but now i have hope. I will have the life i want, because it’s all about love.
Here is a quote that made me cry when i read it” Angels are love that moves.That never stops, that fights to grow, it’s beyond good or evil. Love that consumes everything , that destroys everything, that forgives everything. ANgels are made off this love , and in the same time , they are her messengers.” (hope i got it right , i translated from romanian)
SO beautiful! All we need is love and we don’t even know. ANd i don’t think only about love between a man and a woman, the absolute love, Jesus Christ told us but we didn’t want to believe it. Anne Rice wrote about it in her „The Devil Memnoch”(awesome book, a must read, best idea of religion ever, rocked my world) but i thought it was just fiction and went back to my disbelief in every one and everything. And Paulo Coelho explained it so simply that i just can’t ignore it. Didn’t expect this. I have to start believing in myself again. ANd i want to thank my ANgel for keeping me safe and for being there for me. I will never feel alone again. Now i know why i used to talk by myself, thought it was weird but made me calm somewhat, i was talking to Him.I love you 2:D