Job decisions:)

I am waiting for a response today from my almost dream job as a librarian at this really cool Library that i like. I love to read and this would be so perfect because it will be a real job, i would have to learn a lot of books, i probably will have to work a lot, the schedule is a little bit to much, but i can handle it. And i have another job just waiting for me. I’ve been at an interview yesterday and they want me, but i don’t really like the job. I have to work at a shop for one of the local football team(i have no interest in football). I have to sit around all day and sell shirts and stuff. It will be the most boring job ever. I guess it’s better paid than the librarian one. But i want that one more. I know how i am, and i will probably hate to stay all day and do nothing 8 hours a day. It will kill me long term. I hope i get a favorable answer from the library.I was so stressed yesterday about it. Well i just have to wait an see. I’ve never been a patience kind of girl, so it’s hard. I have to distract myself so i don’t go crazy:)). It’s weird how this things happen. One day i have no job, and in the second i have one i don’t want:)) and i am waiting to hear about the one i like. I must be crazy. I will choose the harder job, probably less paid because i like it more:))I guess it’s good that i am able to choose:) I hope i will have what to choose. I wonder when i get my answer:)I’m like a shaking pepsi:))
And i love this pic:)


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