Such a nice walk in the park:)

Today was such a sunny day. I loved it:)Got to do some errands and then went for a walk in the park with the book i plan reading this week. It;s nice, called ” Pillow Talk” by Freya North. I have to say it’s captivating, made me interested with page one. This is definitely a book to put in your to read list. I love the descriptions and the tale already makes me want to read all off it in one night. A thing i can’t do because tomorrow i have an early day, cooking for Easter and stuff. Will post pictures if my food turns out fabulous like my eggs did. I love cooking:D.
Anyways the park was so bright and green, actually made some pics with my phone, but damn phone doesn’t work to send them to my laptop through bluetooth.The leaves of the trees are so young, they are just a few days old. i was waiting for this moment since the first off march. To be able to walk trough beautiful trees. The smell of the newborn flowers is dream like . Even the birds were singing, i think i heard a woodpecker:). I’ve spent about 3 or 4 hours in the park, reading and listening to birds. I found an awesome bench were to sit an enjoy it all. I think i’m going to make this a regular thing and the place i stayed today my regular spot. I felt at peace, which is so rare for me cause due to my zodiac sign(aries) i am a little bit restless. yep, April is my month, i don’t know if it’s because Spring comes in April or that i was born in April. I just love this month. I always try to enjoy it a lot. Hope i get to go in a forest this Easter week-end with my family. Already making plans:) I am going to make this Easter as pleasant it can be. Can’t wait to taste my home made chocolate. Oh yeah! It’s a little bit to soft but it’s ok as long as it’s chocolate. To bad i can’t post the pictures. Maybe another time. Can’t tell what the problem is.
Ow, i almost forgot. I have witnessed a real cool thing while i was walking through the city today. SInce is the Big Friday, that’s how we call it. This is tHE BIG WEEK cause off all the Easter and Jesus’s comeback from the dead. It seems they are having a reenactment procession of the crucifixion of Christ every year here in Cluj. This is the first time i saw it. I read an article that this is the 6’th edition.It was shocking and necessary i think. It’s good to show the people and remind them about the torments that He went through in this time frame 2000 years ago. Make us forget about the cakes , eggs, food. ANd just remember why are we having this holiday. Forget the Easter bunny and remember to be good with each other and to love each other like we should and how He intended.God, i sound like a christian freak, i’m not. I’m just religious sometimes. Especially around holidays;)) and after i read anything written by Paulo Coelho.:) So please indulge my babbling.

While the wicked stand confounded, call me with the Saints surrounded „


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