Today is going to be a me day:)

My sis is going to work and i have all day to myself today, no Easter preparation no nothing. Guess i’m going to take a walk in the city. I feel like i’m not living here anymore cause i spend to much time at home. I should get out more, i just need a partner in crime:)) I just finished Normanizing my phone, put a lot off pics on my phone so i can use them as background.
Just watched the short film „Meet me in Berlin” with him, thanks for the link lovely luveskane:) ( ow, here is the link for the other Norman fans around:) ) Awesome short movie ever. I miss having this kind of intimacy with someone, just to be able to talk on the phone for hours and be honest and stuff. Hope i can find a person, other than my bff, that can help me with that.Yesterday i dyed mi eggs. They look like this:)

Can’t wait for easter madness. I even bought me new shoes to go with my dresses so i look nice an shinny:)) Just like i was doing when i was a little girl. My parents used to by me new clothes for Church every Easter:) And my birthday was always near Easter so a happy time:) Got lots off nice memories.
I found this pic on my computer , i made it last winter from a jib jab video;)) so funny:)

Hope u all have a nice sunny day:)


Un gând despre „Today is going to be a me day:)

  1. Alexa Amateur spune:

    All is well that ends well.

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