Freya North: Pillow talk

Last night i have finished reading Pillow Talk by Freya North.It’s a nice book, romance, it’s relaxing to read. The story is line is simple, not a lot off thinking to do, but i liked it. Made me captivated . It has some nice love scenes and it’s about absolute love, the kind that doesn’t exist, but still makes u think it exists:). The kind of love that is eternal and full. MAde me remember me when i was younger and believed in this kind of things. But i guess life teaches you about the impossibility of this kind of love nowadays.We are to preoccupied to gain money to have time to actually love. It’s sad because love should make the things going, not money.
And something about myself now.I had such a nice day yesterday, walking around in the botanical garden in Cluj.Very nice place. I’ve posted some pics on my facebook profile.The downfall is that i’ve caught a cold. I have a fever and i have no energy:(. It sucks:(. Haven’t had a cold for quite some time.I guess i’ll spend my day in bed with chamomile tea.Hope u have a nice beautiful spring day.


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