Been so long since i’ve posted..sorry..i have been so busy or just lazy..i don’t know jet..lol..so what happened…well i got a job, an ok but not very awesome job, guess it pays the bills ..but that’s it..no satisfactions besides the money. hmm , my computer is running slow..sorry if i make any mistakes cause it seems my keyboard isn’t cooperating as i wish…anyhow…The thing is i’ve got a boyfriend now..yeeeeeyy…almost 3 months . And he is so perfect for me..i think i’m in love..i know i’m inlove..we click so good…I’m happy!

Enough with the personal life…i’ve been watching new anime…

Deadman Wonderland is a very sadistic and mind playing anime..it’s about  a boy that get’s framed for the murders off his classmates in a very brutal way  just to be used as a fighting dog because of his new cool power…the abilithy to control his blood and make a weapon off it…the fights are real bloody and the story is interesting and about some kind of alien or something created by humans . I think there should be a second season cause a lot if things remain blurry.

Second anime is AO No exorcist..it’s still going but i love waiting for episodes every week…i find it interesting…it’s about 2 boys that are Satan’s sons and they have demonic powers and try to fight the demons with it..a lot of demon action and RIn is a cool dude that i begun to like cause he is different and a very good hearted guy. Can’t wait to see more…Gotta leave in a rush cause i want to watch a movie, than go to sleep..have to work tomorrow:(.

p.s i will keep u posted about The second season off walking dead…can’t wait for 16 of October.