second: the labyrinth

I am reading this book called „The rose labyrinth  by Titania Hardie(cool name) and it’s quite interesting. It’s about the heirs of John Dee, also known as the first 007 from the XV century, astrologist of the Queen Elisabeth and his heritage, that is hidden in various locations and his heirs have to find them. It’s like a treasure hunt. The labyrinths are a very important piece in the puzzle and i found myself intrigued by them because they actually exist. Especially the one from the De Chartres Cathedral.

chartres_labyrinth_photoI would love to go visit and take the path of the labyrinth, it is said that it’s a very enlightening experience plus the cathedral looks awesome.I love books that take you on journeys and show you places.I like how the chapters are written in the characters point of view, like all the important characters have their own part of the book so you can see the story from different point of views and understand better what’s happening. I recommend this book to all of you that like intrigues and police’s a little bit romantic but it’s nice.



So..this is the first upload of this year…been slaking for a while now..been busy and lazy…i shall upload a photo shoot with me and my sisters and catch up a little. I am waiting to go in England this month, to live and work for at least 5 years. I think i met the love of my life and am in a serious relationship for the past year and a half with him. I am very happy ! yeyyyyyy…

I quit my job from Romania so i can be free to go to England..had my first interview via phone today, hope it goes well. if it does i shall be going to Devon , from what i saw it looks beautiful and interesting and will be a very nice experience.

Anime update:

I have been watching my usual creepy and dark anime that i like. So..there is „Another”

An anime about a creepy high school were a class is being followed by a deadly curse and is trying to stop the killings from happening..i liked it very only has 12 episodes . so it’s a short anime, which is great,,i like seeing all of it in a short amount of time. It’s very shocking and sadist so be careful if you don’t like brutal murders and explicit content. I sound like a crazy person watching this kind of anime ,but i like the profoundness and the supernatural tragic events . It’s mind blowing and i like stuff like this.


Zetsuen No Tempest

This one is currently airing but u have seen all the episodes until now, recently, and i love it. it’s about 2 guys and a girl, i kind of trio of love and about the possible end of the world . It’s a story with magic and mages that fight for the world not to be destroyed by the Tree of Genesis or the Tree of Exodus. I think the plot is very original and captivating. i can’t wait for the next episode…