So..this is the first upload of this year…been slaking for a while now..been busy and lazy…i shall upload a photo shoot with me and my sisters and catch up a little. I am waiting to go in England this month, to live and work for at least 5 years. I think i met the love of my life and am in a serious relationship for the past year and a half with him. I am very happy ! yeyyyyyy…

I quit my job from Romania so i can be free to go to England..had my first interview via phone today, hope it goes well. if it does i shall be going to Devon , from what i saw it looks beautiful and interesting and will be a very nice experience.

Anime update:

I have been watching my usual creepy and dark anime that i like. So..there is „Another”

An anime about a creepy high school were a class is being followed by a deadly curse and is trying to stop the killings from happening..i liked it very only has 12 episodes . so it’s a short anime, which is great,,i like seeing all of it in a short amount of time. It’s very shocking and sadist so be careful if you don’t like brutal murders and explicit content. I sound like a crazy person watching this kind of anime ,but i like the profoundness and the supernatural tragic events . It’s mind blowing and i like stuff like this.


Zetsuen No Tempest

This one is currently airing but u have seen all the episodes until now, recently, and i love it. it’s about 2 guys and a girl, i kind of trio of love and about the possible end of the world . It’s a story with magic and mages that fight for the world not to be destroyed by the Tree of Genesis or the Tree of Exodus. I think the plot is very original and captivating. i can’t wait for the next episode…