third :my favorite number- 3

My favorite number is 3..i’m not sure why…i think because Sailor Mars was the third sailor warrior that got her powers. I am a Sailor Moon generation…the best generation ever:)I learned a lot from that cartoon. I still watch it sometimes ‘cause it’s my favorite anime:).Sailor Moon is the reason i love anime and that i still watch them at 25:) (25 in a couple of months:). And of course the love for super girls . Sailor Mars was and still is one of my role models..witch is weird . But i guess she is timeless:).I was looking for a Sailor Mars outfit on the internet..but i couldn’t find anything that i like..they look so fake and weird..and not sexy at all. I wish i could cosplay but the costumes suck..i wish i knew how to make think i’m going to put this on my to do list. In the old days any women knew how to make least that what they say on movies. And red is my favorite colour since i was five i think. Me and my sister and my cousin, we were a team..and i was sis was blue and bree was yellow..and then Sailor Moon was airing on tv so i remained red:Sailor Mars, my sis was blue:Sailor Moon(Ami had short hair and didn’t fit the pattern) and Bree was orange:Sailor Venus, we really taught she was the princess. I think orange is such an underrated colour..i mean it’s warm..looks nice..and makes a good combination with black.



I had a strange dream last night..therefore this reminded my of my childhood. I was a princess elf and i had the power to summon the 5 horses of power, the golden, the silver and the other white horses that weren’t so clear in my dream. I had to defeat a big black steamy dragon that wanted to destroy the world.Sometimes i want the world to end so i can save it. lol..I was flying in my was so nice..i could feel flying so fast..i wasn’t high in the sky i was flying low in my neighborhood.I even had to give directions to a guy with a grey car. It was cold outside and i flew to get a jacket purple one..weird dreams:))..And the horses had wings of course. The dream ended abruptly cause i had someone at the door so i had to get up. I don’t know how it ends. I was trying to imagine how a few horses could defeat a big flamey dragon , but i guess they have super powers of some kind. I remembered playing as flying horses with my team when we i was like 10 . This dream was so had a little bit of Aion, LOTR, Sailor Moon( i had long black hair) it’s weird how my dreams are so real for me, i can feel everything. This was a good dream, i usually dream about zombies or serial killers or ghosts. My night are pretty entertaining. Especially now that i have a break until i can find a job in England. I’ve been sitting around the house for a month and a half now. At first i was relieved i had some time to rest after my so consuming job but now i’m just bored. I hope this waiting won’t last any longer cause i can’t take any more sitting around and cleaning the house. i started playing Minecraft, stronghold .


I love my new series, i started watching American Horror story,it’s so creepy and intriguing and awesome. I watched the whole first season in a week, maybe less. i loved the first season. I am currently watching the second season and it’s pretty good, but i liked the first one better.What can i say i’m a romantic. And yes, this horror story is very romantic.i’m not so scared of ghosts anymore. Still scared but not terrified. For a girl that sometimes has problems sleeping with the lights on i watch a lot of horror movies. I should start writing stories about my dreams, damn lazy ass Koko:)) esspecially now that i have so much free time.

ok i will finish this post now, must go work-out.And then go make something for dinner. I’m like a house wife without being married:))

here’s a picture that i’m using as my desktop now:)



Over and out.