Apparently i’m in Germany, looking for work.And i’m so stressed out.  I sleep very badly. I have weird dreams or i don’t sleep at all. Yesterday i had a work  probation thingy at a restaurant and my german is not that good. I am learning it now, for 2 weeks actually. I was so nervous i couldn’t sleep all night. And on the road there i started crying , i was that nervous. This never happened to me before. I’m not scared of working. It was maybe the new place and stuff. But still i am baffled to be so scared of things…anyway they didn’t take me, they hold me for 1 minute cause i have no documents for work jet. I mean to get a work permit you have to have a job:)) funny right. In order to be alowed to work you have to work already. It’s like inception. So i have to wait for some employer to want me that bad so they make papers for me. And german ppl are very thorough and legal, unlike romanians. it’s pretty hard. I hope next year the work will be admitted because of the UE requirements. Maybe than i will go to England. My boyfriend is working thank God, but still. I want to make money. But i have to know German. My basic German is from watching RTL 2 when i was a kid because they aired Sailor Moon over and over again. I watched all the series like 5 times:).i’m starting to remember but it is still very hard.I need to cheer up and stop being so stressed out.


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