Seven:Elfen Lied

I have watched Elfen Lied again in german this time, i found on youtube all the episodes in one video, over 4 hours of video. It was awesome. Elfen lied is one of the first anime that i saw and loved. It is so grim but awesome. My only regret is there are no more than 13 episodes and the ending is ambiguous, but i guess it is only to be expected from an anime so gruesome and cool.If you haven’t seen Elfen Lied and you are an anime lover , even if you are not, it is a very good one.My boyfriend isn’t a very big anime fan but he loved it.It’s about a young girl who is an alien or some kind of mutant that has invisible arms that are very strong and that protect her. There are more girls like this in the story but she is the strongest and crazies i think. Her genes are made to extinct the human race, but she gets off that track because she falls for a human boy that shows her kindness and friendship.And the soundtrack of the anime is so beautiful  i love it, Lilium is called.Image

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