A story

There was once a little girl that dreamed of great things for herself, like all children do. She was good at school, besides the fact she had no friends and everyone was mocking her.She didn’t need any friends, she had her big sis and her cousin, her partners in crime. They used to do their dreaming together and swore they will never be apart. She dreamt she will have a bright future where she will do what she likes to do.She didn’t know yet what she wanted but she was working on it. SHe had such a tender soul , easily broken, although she tried to keep herself strong. She had a ruff childhood always hunted by the lack of money and the things she couldn’t do because of it. Her cousin went away when they were teenagers, to a far away country, her sis fell in love with a douche and forgot about her. SHe was left all alone in the toughest place for a teenager, highschool. She tried so hard to fit in but she failed utterly. She had a good friend but now that is all gone 2. Her only hope now, after 20 years or so of living is her bf that she loves more than life, they are trying to get a good life together, like all couples do, working, having no time for each other, waiting and dreaming for a better life. Imagining how it would be if she had some money and not have to work hard , under her abilities , no satisfaction. This is called the future for any young pair nowadays. Struggling to come trough, to be able to have a family, i wonder how it will be for the next generation. We bury ourselves in electronic devices that rob us of human interaction just to pretend that our life has purpose. But there is no purpose . How can something like a dull life be a good purpose. WE are to afraid to get out from the human laws and expectations to actually do what we want. WE are afraid because we are taught to be.We are the product of our society that let’s you believe you can do anything just to hit you in the face when you try to do it.Adulthood sucks, never grow up, it really is a trap.