lazy week

So i’ve got like 3 weeks of holiday from my job, because the boss and his family are going to greece for august . I didn’t really needed it or so and i have just stayed at home and did nothing. We moved in our new apartment this week and all we did , while my bf was at home , was sitting in the day room and play games or watching movies. I have literally spent almost all my free time in front of my laptop not doing anything productive. This is a confession post. I should have learned some german, cause i still need to learn a lot. I hadn’t learned some for 2 months i think. At monday we went shopping for house thing and food and that’s it, not even left the house. Is it just me or everyone does this once in a while. OUtside of work i do this anyway, i don’t know why i am so disappointed with myself for being so lazy when i’m always like this nowadays. I should be looking for another job because this one sucks. I can’t think about anything i want to work though. I don’t know what to do. I need to snap out of this laziness like soon, or else i feel i will wither like a plant , my brain is not fed. I miss reading a book, but i’m also to lazy to do it…i should also start writting

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