My dream

Last night, or rather morning i had one of my weird dreams that i enjoy having, once in a while i dream stories from my inner self, they are very interesting usually, they can also be creepy, i dream a lot of zombie movies for some reason, even when i didn” t watch one in quite some time. In this dream i was walking around a big city, one of those European ones with a lot of history and big awesome arhictetural buildings. I think i was alone , but of course i was different like i always am, i was seeing the buildings in reality and the humands were like anime drawn, cool right? And i walked in a big church, catholic stile i think, and there was a service going on and i was walking around like no one could bother me, and in the church there was a well, and on th well there was a young girl dressed in a blue long dress with long black hair worn in a pony tail, she was just sitting there and watching, so i went to her and asked her something about the church or what she was doing, i don” know exaclty what. She just looked at me and said nothing so i went on my way, in the city, i was heading home i think. And i detach from myself and came back to the church where one of the girls from the crowd that was attending the service said to the other that was beside her, she had long amber hair and was dressed in a green long dress, she said to the other girl about me, that i saw her sister that was on the edge of the well, and she was surprised because no one can see them, so she said they should follow me and  see who i am. In the dream i was getting a hint that they were some kind of witches or ghost, or both . i cant really see the girl she was talking to , or  just don”t remember anymore. She then talked with the girl with black hair,asking about me but she didn’t answer, she was living in her own world and wasn’t paying attention to anyone, not even her said sister. They went out, the 2 girls, the one with amber hair and the one i don’t recall her appearance and were walking after me, and then i had some kind of dream flashback and saw a lot of girls laying on the floor under a  blue light and among them there were the 3 girls and me, i could feel i was there , but i couldn’t see my anime version. I’m starting to imagine it now, long brown hair and nice white and red dress or something. I was like one of them, weird, and that”s where the dream ended or i just don’t remember more, i hate the way i forget them. If i don’t wake up and wright right away about it i forget slowly and then by the end of the day i forget it all. I think this dream could be the start of a nice novel if i had the guts to actually start writing one, i think i will try because now i have the time. I really need to start working for my dreams to come true.

THis was a little bit of sharing time and i have to go do useless internet stuff now, bbye… leave a comment if you want to see if i develop this or not.

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