Trying to keep an update

I’m such a lazy person, not writing, i guess i was just busy and distracted by other stuff.You find yourself trying to divide your time when you work full time,like i do now. I finally found a steady job and it has been a little time consuming because i work in a new field , that i didn’t know a lot about so it took a little time of adjustment,like 3 months. Normally i don’t need that much time, but learning new stuff in  a different language is a little bit tricky . I can honestly say i can due in the german language now, it took me a year but now i got more confident every day with my skills. I guess working with ppl would do that.I am kinda trying to become more productive, i feel the need to write again and do stuff .

I am internet addicted, i just can’t let a day go past without browsing 9gag and memecenter and then some youtube,for several hours, do i am trying to create other habits for myself that are more productive. i feel like the time i spend there is time lost ina  way, because it flies away and then i get nothing done. i spent so much time jobless, like a year and i started spending all of my time online, and when i started working i felt like i didn’t have time for me anymore. My addiction to the relaxing environment that i have created for myself got me to a depressing level, where i started hating the fact i work, so i said i need to put a stop to it.I was never an active person , unfortunately, and now , trying to get more active and productive is an actual struggle. I started going to the gym, i gained a lot of weight not doing anything, even the usual chores around the house have became a burden , all i wanted to do is stay online.So i tell you ppl, don’t  like me. i shall start a self imposed schedule. it is weird that when you become an adult and you are accountable for your own time, no one tells you what  to do so you get indulgent about  yourself and become less and less and adult, t a child during summer break. So  started thinking, what am i going to do when i do get married and have my own house and some kids. I have no discipline, i would never survive doing all the stuff that must be done just by opening the notebook and surfing the net. I need to improve myself, i have became a partial vegetable. all this free time and no obligations have made me weak. I guess that’S why human kind thrives in a crisis, they get motivated to survive.

i caught up with the new The Walking Dead season,5, first episode today, it was awesome btw, just awesome, if you haven’t seen it , you should. I was thinking, i would never survive a crisis the way i am now. If there were zombies, and they were chasing me uphill, i’m a goner right there, i would just roll over them, i have no physical endurance and no combat skills, no leaving in the wild skills, nothing. i think this times of leisure has made us weak and we should change that. Start becoming more involved in the things around you because they do matter.The thing that i like most about germans is that they are very disciplined and outgoing, also very nice, i have never met people so nice in my life. They also work out a lot, bicycles, running, you name it. They do it as a past time, as a hobby, they enjoy it. Not just because they have to, but because they like it.So i’m trying to do that now, start being more active and productive. I have to start using my free time, not just for sitting in bed and browsing the net but to actual do stuff that i think of doing. I really want to knit myself some stuff, like a skirt and a poncho. I bought all the materials but i just keep them on my desk, also i have started with my sister , to make some kind of accessories stuff for women, i will post some pictures soon. I bought all i needed but i have done like 10 medallions,, that is pitifully..So i managed today to do a little bit of work-out, some painting and some writing Now i will just have to increase the doze every day:D

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