second: the labyrinth

I am reading this book called „The rose labyrinth  by Titania Hardie(cool name) and it’s quite interesting. It’s about the heirs of John Dee, also known as the first 007 from the XV century, astrologist of the Queen Elisabeth and his heritage, that is hidden in various locations and his heirs have to find them. It’s like a treasure hunt. The labyrinths are a very important piece in the puzzle and i found myself intrigued by them because they actually exist. Especially the one from the De Chartres Cathedral.

chartres_labyrinth_photoI would love to go visit and take the path of the labyrinth, it is said that it’s a very enlightening experience plus the cathedral looks awesome.I love books that take you on journeys and show you places.I like how the chapters are written in the characters point of view, like all the important characters have their own part of the book so you can see the story from different point of views and understand better what’s happening. I recommend this book to all of you that like intrigues and police’s a little bit romantic but it’s nice.


Presonal Legend

I have read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, again, today. I read it in like 3 hours. ANd aferwards i tried thinking about my personal legend. For those few (i hope) that didn’t read this awesome book your personal legend is about the thing you want to do most in life. The thing you dream off and if u dare go after it. I hadn’t read „The secret book” or seen the film, but i guess it the same principle from what i heard. Believe in yourself, believe in the Universe to work with you to achieve your dreams.And the most important thing is not to give up,ever. Never stop dreaming . All the beings in this world are linked and written by the same hand, therefore if u wish for something so bad that u are able to actually go for it the soul of the world will help u achieve it.I like the concept and i had read enough in my young years to know you have to want something to get it. It’s like that line in Sucker Punch: „If you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything”. I think it;s very inspiring, you have to be able to see what you want so you can actually get it. „Visualize, believe” like good Connor MacManus says in BDS:All Saint’s Day. I have encountered this way of thinking in a lot off successful ppl so they have to know what they are saying. But i think the most important and difficult thing is to know what you want. I have been thinking all day what my personal legend is. What should i pursue? And the thing is i just can’t see it. In the book they say u realize what your biggest dream is when you are young because u are more open to listen to your hearts voice. But mine has been silenced.
When i was a young girl i just wanted to work with books because i loved them so much, the stories that helped my bittersweet childhood pass easier were so dear to my heart. But know that i am 23 , finished college, economics, bleah…Now i’m at that point when i have to find a job , provide for myself, start living my dreams. But i can’t. I can’t find a job that i would enjoy working. I can’t see anything. No opportunities. Have i gotten so lazy that i am not willing to work anymore? Have i gotten so sad about life that i lost my will to live it? The best advice i ever got is not to dwell in the past. Live for the present, not the future. If u plan your hole life u won’t be able to live it until u get all your plans done and that could take years. So live for now. Easier said than done. Now, what am i doing now. I’m sitting in my bed, a little sad, with my notebook on my lap tipping and hoping to find my meaning in life.The most enjoyable moment in my day today was the little coffee(it was actually little) i drank this morning after wakening up for nothing. I had something like an interview but couldn’t find the location so gave up. I’m used to giving up lately.I wanted to go to gym afterwards so went to have a cofee until i had my gym appointment. I went to a near by coffee place i always fancied (i’m so british, well i’m european after all). It;s kind of an artist place with posters on walls and rock fm on the radio. My kind off place until i started losing my personality and started doing what normal ppl do. i was alone so i did what i always do, wrote something in my little notebook i carry in my bag. i felt at peace. I miss this kind off places so much.I miss my old rock friends. There were a bunch of teenagers there , it was 10 am and they were drinking beer. Reminded me off the old days when i used to skip school and go to a coffee shop, but i drank hot chocolate. I was always to nice. I so miss those times, i have to remember to dream again. What should i dream about. Yes i want to be a writer but i don;t have enough trust in myself. I never finish anything i start. SHould post some off my ideas to know what ppl think about them. I just want to find myself again. Where did i go, when did i lost myself? Somewhere in college i guess. To busy to get my hearth torn a part and work a lot i forgot what my goals were.I have to find them again. I want them back. I want to be happy again. I want to be able to smile more than an ironic smile or some fake laugh from some stupid movie( they don’t make comedies like they used to, i don;t think gross stuff is funny and here i mention Due Date, didn’t like it a lot,was expecting more)Hmm i guess i can write a whole novel about my personal legend. Hope i will nail it and write about how i got to live it. Hope i will. This is my weeks assignment for myself.Decide what you want and then get it. It’s that easy but i’m afraid that something easy is also something bad. We are so used to get everything the hard way we forget there is an easy way.Like waiting for the job you want/like. I am such a child to think i should like where i work . I don’t want my first real job to be something i hate. i just hope for the best. Positive thinking. We are what we think we are and we are the only ones that stand between us and Happiness.Believe that u can be a better person, believe in love. Love is so important we don’t even realize how much we miss it until we have it. To love your job, your mom, your dad, your shirt,your cat, your friend, your phone, your cousin. Just love. Why is something so simple being turned in something to hard to get? Because we think it’s not good if it’s not worth fighting for it.But why should we fight for something we are entitled to have. God destined us to love, we can think so we can feelings therefore we must love. Human nature is destructive but also creative. Simplicity was lost when money were invented. Have more, be more not love more. It’s sad that we have forgotten our essence of being.The human is an animal that needs to socialize to be happy, wrong, all we need is love. Really! If u love yourself more u won;t let any bastard be mean to you and be unhappy. I think all feelings come from love or rather the lack off love. i want to be a better person and i want to be me again. The sweet girl that thought she can save the world.I just have to save myself now, cause i lost myself and i need to find me again. SO i can remember what my legend is and were to find it and what decisions to take to get there. Wish me luck!

Paulo Coelho-Valkyries

This book is amazing. I read it in about 4 hours, and it changed my life forever.I recommend reading the book before reading my post, makes more sense;)) I can’t believe how stupid we really are, ignorant. I took pride in my not truly believing in God , but deep down i always believed, but my sadness told me that this can’t exist because i was to unhappy and he didn’t help me. I was waiting to see my miracle. When actually i was the one not helping myself. I always wanted for the things to end bad in my life so i can complain. I convinced myself that i don’t deserve to be happy, i wanted it a lot, but never let myself achieve it. I can’t believe i was the one making my life miserable. And now i say it as clear as water in my cup. I was the one saying and hoping for the bad. I used to say to myself that i was only expecting the worst to prepare myself from disappointed, but didn’t realize i was creating the disappointment. And i was letting myself leaded by my idea of misfortune . I never believed in good, hoped but never let it sink in.I know the most important thing for me in life is to love and be loved , i love my family more than anything yet i try to keep my distance from that feelings because i am so afraid to loose them, i am so afraid that i don’t let myself enjoy the feeling of love, the fact that they love me a lot and feel the same way. I always felt so alone, and now i realize i made myself alone. My ideas of sadness made me feel so alone. I can’t believe i’m saying this but i believe in my Guardian Angel. I didn’t gave him credit, although i am 23 and never happened anything to me. Know i now that my ANgel told me to take that unexpected turn when that weird man was following me. I am shocked , I felt his malice and his will to harm me, but couldn’t just turn away, and my Angel told me to take that unexpected turn and got away, i am stunned. I was wondering where did that come from? I guess i helped my ANgel keep me safe, but not happy. I made myself so unhappy. I know it sounds nuts but this book is so awesome. I learned so much about life.
It’s about the mag’s quest to get in touch with his ANgel, wich he does eventually. The thing that shocked me is that it’s so easy to remember Him, your ANgel, and realize his existence. I didn’t know why i loved so much the nature,it was because it brings us back to our roots, to the sense of freedom that we used to have. ANd we caged ourselves in impressive homes, expensive cars, internet , indoors . When the best way to know ourselves is to go outside, experienced life. We forgot all about that. I know now why i love the sea so much, i can see the horizon in it’s most perfect form and feel free. All the problems and walls we create for ourselves fall down. True happiness can not be achieved until we understand we deserve it and expect it. DOn’t be scared to do what your heart tells you, it might be the right thing to do.
I think the most important thing in this world is love, love for each other, love for ourselves, love for the things around. FOr the first time in my life i have hope for human kind and for myself. I always thought we are doomed (just had a flashback about writing this in my dream last night,omg) but now i have hope. I will have the life i want, because it’s all about love.
Here is a quote that made me cry when i read it” Angels are love that moves.That never stops, that fights to grow, it’s beyond good or evil. Love that consumes everything , that destroys everything, that forgives everything. ANgels are made off this love , and in the same time , they are her messengers.” (hope i got it right , i translated from romanian)
SO beautiful! All we need is love and we don’t even know. ANd i don’t think only about love between a man and a woman, the absolute love, Jesus Christ told us but we didn’t want to believe it. Anne Rice wrote about it in her „The Devil Memnoch”(awesome book, a must read, best idea of religion ever, rocked my world) but i thought it was just fiction and went back to my disbelief in every one and everything. And Paulo Coelho explained it so simply that i just can’t ignore it. Didn’t expect this. I have to start believing in myself again. ANd i want to thank my ANgel for keeping me safe and for being there for me. I will never feel alone again. Now i know why i used to talk by myself, thought it was weird but made me calm somewhat, i was talking to Him.I love you 2:D

Book review:)

I haven’t did this in a while, review a book i mean.
I just finished reading, yesterday, a book i got for Christmas from my sister. I know it took a lot of time for me to read it, but I’ve just been busy. This post is about Laura Henderson’s book, ” Margarita with ice”. It’s kinda a detective novels. It’s about a young sculptor named SAm, yes it’s a girl.It’s ok, didn’t impress me a lot, but i never was one for detective novel, i like horror more;))
The thing i love most about the novel is the main character, Sam. She is a determined young woman, smart and beautiful. I like her cause she is a strong and independent kinda gall.
The plot is about some murders that happen during the display of Shakespeare’s Summer dream , i believe the play is called, at the Cross Theater in London. And Sam happens to do some art work for the play and tries to solve the mystery.
Strong points: Sam, her romance with one of the actors, insight in the theater world.
Things i didn’t love: the other characters are to vague, i usually remember everyone, but the author doesn’t tell to much about them, i had no idea who the murderer was, which is a surprise cause i usually know , the murders are random, not detailed enough.
This book is good for light reading when you don’t want to get bored.It helped me calm down my nerves while i was stressed about exams, a guy, things to do cause i need to man up (i’m almost 23 and have to get serious about my life, not marriage an stuff, hell no, just get a job, things like that;)).
Another thing that i liked was this song, Sam was listening to it, and i like it 2.:)

leapsa de la John Constantine;))..despre citit carti

1.Când citiţi, pentru a marca locul unde aţi rămas cu lectura, folosiţi semne de carte sau îndoiţi paginile?
Niciodata,dar niciodata nu indoiesc colturile de la carti, mamei ii placea sa faca lucruri de genu asta, dar mie nu mi se pare ok, cartile sunt prea importante ca sa fie indoite;), de obicei pun ceva, orice gasesc, sau incerc sa tin minte numarul pagini, sau intorc cartea deschisa pentru ca oricum o sa revin la ea:D.

2. Aţi primit în ultimul timp o carte drept cadou şi, dacă da, care a fost aceasta?
Ultima carte pe care am primit-o a fost „Dincolo de bine, Dincoace de rau, despre iubire” de Alice Nastase si Aurora LIIceanu, foarte buna cartea…o recomad cu caldura:)

3. Citiţi în baie?
Mai faceam din astea in liceu;))…acolo era cel mai linsite, am 2 surori si un fratior mai mic, ma intelegeti;))

4. V-aţi gândit vreodată să scrieţi o carte şi, dacă da, care ar fi fost aceasta?
Am incercat de cel putin 3 ori, dar nu sunt o persoana prea rabdatoare,sau cred ca ideea nu e buna, sau ajung sa nu mai am timp si uit, de aia mi-am facut blog, sa pot scrie:D

5. Ce credeţi despre colecţiile de carte de la noi?
Nu prea citesc carti romanesti, nus de ce dar resping orice cu origine romaneasca, nu zic ca nu e ok dar nu prea mi se potrivesc, doar daca gasesc ceva din greseala..sau primesc..deci nu prea stiu.

6. Care este cartea preferată?
hmmm..asta e foarte greu de ales, nu am doar una , ci mai multe, cartile ce m-au impresionat cel mai mult au fost Cronicile Vampirilor de Anne Rice, imi palce foarte mult stilul ei de a scrie, mi se pare geniala:D

7. Vă place să recitiţi unele cărţi şi care ar fi acestea?
Foarte rar recitesc o carte, asta doar daca mi-a placut foarte mult.

8. Ce părere aţi avea de o întâlnire cu autorii cărţilor pe care le apreciaţi şi ce le-aţi spune?
Mi-ar face o deosebita placere sa cunosc unele din acele minti luminate care reusesc si au curajul de a publica o carte reusita. Nu stiu ce le-as pune, probabil i-as intreba cum sa fac sa cred in mine, si sa imi continui proiectele, intotdeauna am zis ca o sa devin scriitoare, dar imi e prea frica de reactia oamenilor, si de ce ar spune ei.

9. Vă place să vorbiţi despre ceea ce citiţi şi cu cine?
Ar fi o experienta interesanta,inainte facem chestii de genul acesta cu sora mea, cand citeam aceleasi carti, si acum o mai facem din cand in cand, dar nu prea mai am asa mult timp de citit, sau nu mai am ce…depinde .Oricum imi plac discutiile de dupa pentru ca ma ajuta sa inteleg mai bine cartea:D

10. Care sunt motivele care vă determină să alegeţi o carte pe care să o citiţi?
Pai intotdeauna citesc referintele de pe spatele cartilor, bineinteles conteaza si titlul si autorul, dar de obicei daca imi place genul de poveste o citesc:D

11. Care credeţi că este o lectură “obligatorie”, o carte pe care cineva trebuie să o citească?
Eu cred ca important e sa citeasca, nu conteaza ce, foarte multi prieteni de-ai mei au descoperit cititul o data cu seria twilight. Mi se pare trist, deoarece sunt carti mult mai bine scrise decat astea si mai interesante. Nu zic ca povestea Twilight nu e draguta, si eu le-am citit pe toate intr-o saptamana;), nu stiu de ce dar ma relaxeaza si ma fac sa ma simt mai optimista, chiar daca cred ca autoarea ar trebui sa mai lucreze putin la stilul de scris, mi se pare ca sunt cam putine dialoguri si prea multe descrieri, dar asta e doar parerea mea:P

12. Care este locul preferat pentru lectură?
Cel mai mult imi place sa citesc afara, pe o patura, sub un copac, dar asta nu se poate in fiecare anotimp asa ca e oc si camera mea, in pat, sau unde prind;)

13. Când citiţi ascultaţi muzică sau lecturaţi în linişte?
deobicei ascult muzica, in liceu ascultam metallica in timp ce citeam:))..acum ascult enya sau orice, nu-mi place linistea deplina, chiar daca ma concentrez la carte si nu mai stiu ce se intampla in jurul meu:)

14. Vi s-a întâmplat să citiţi cărţi în format electronic?
Dap,daca sunt carti de care nu pot sa fac rost si reusesc sa le iau de pe net.

15. Citiţi numai cărţi cumpărate sau şi pe cele care sunt împrumutate?
Orice.Nu conteaza daca sunt ale mele sau nu,desi prefer sa fie ale mele:D. oricum daca gasesc o carte buna si nu e a mea, incerc sa o cumpar,daca imi permite bugetul;))

16. O carte este pentru mine… Cum aţi descrie o carte?
o alta viata, o alta experienta.

Povestioara din „Marti cu Morrie” de Mitch Albom

Povestea unui mic val,care se rostogoleste prin ocean si se distreaza grozav.Se bucura de briza si de aerul curat, pana cand, vede un alt val in fata lui, spargandu-se de mal.
„Doamne, ce groaznic!spune valul.Asta o sa se intample si cu mine!”
Apoi apare un alt val. Il vede pe primul val, speriat, si il intreaba:”De ce esti trist?”
Primul val ii spune:”Nu intelegi?! O sa fim cu totii zdrobiti!Noi,valurile, vom disparea!E groaznic!
Al doilea val ii spune:”Nu, nu intelegi.Tu nu esti val, faci parte din ocean.”