Sucker Punch

This is the picture made by pittbullsrock on livejournal in the second, my b day, wich i absolutely adore:)
In the second of April, the day when 23 years ago the most awesome thing happened, i was born, i went to the theater with my bff Eli and we saw Sucker punch. Yey for Sucker Punch. Awesome movie. SO not in the ordinary. I couldn’t wait to see it since i first caught a glimpse of the trailer. I a ma girl that loves to see chicks fight with a katana. Well all those years of Japanese anime paid off i guess. The movie is so interesting made and so mind blowing. The journey of Baby Doll was so nicely put, transforming that hospital in a cabaret and showing all of those fights to get the special items. I have to say hooray for the special effects team. They did a really good job. I gotta say that it is a must see movie. But i have to warn u, it’s such a different movie and so shocking in a lot off ways that at first u won’t understand what happens. I don’t know how the critics will take it, but i love it. And the soundtrack is so good, i just need to get it, all the songs were so fit to create the illusion and give it a link to reality. Really nicely made this movie . So go see it:D
I guess it will be a movie i will see a lot in the next years.I tend to watch a movie i like numerous times.

P.S. I can’t believe Vanessa Hudgens can almost act. But the girl that played Baby Doll( Emily Browning, also played in Lemony Snicket’s A series off unfortunate events, also a great movie) is awesome, I am looking forward for her future projects.