walking dead last episode this season

SO these are some caps from TS-19, awesome episode…at first i was like..God are they conna talk all episode? where’s the fun in that..but the last 20 min were so cool..they were so close to die, all of them, i was so scared. I can’t believe that Andrea wanted to die, i get the lossing AMy stuff , but still.And the doc…i totally get him..but i would try to survive , maybe that’s because i didn’t exactly meet my soul mate and stuff, maybe i would feel the same if i were robed of the person i love most. Don’t know.This ep was so interesting, it makes you put yourself a lot of questions.
I think the next step for them is just trying to survive, go somewhere and live their life, kill as many zombies as they can, and never give up.
ZOmbie kill of the episode:Daryl beheading that zombie with an axe, that took my breath away, it was so dam cool. I missed the Daryl action:)
Likes:that they all get drunk, i think they needed that..seing DAryl with a bottle, that brings up memories(BDS), shower action(Glenn is hot:)), but no DAryl..buhuuuuu
Dislikes:that SHane dude is a nutt case , he really needs to get laid:))

P.S I still wonder about Merle, maybe he changed , i saw Tell it to the frigs yesterday, and he was like repenting and stuff, maybe he seeks enlightment, or he is on a zombie killing spree:))

Walking Dead ep 5 favorite caps

These are some caps i made while i was watching it. Rely nice episode, the drama is so present this time. It seems like everyone is falling apart because of the loss of the people. They are all scared for their lives and their loved ones . i cried like three times watching it. When Andrea has to kill Amy because she was wakening as a walker, i can’t ever imagine how that must feel, if that would to happen to me. When they have to leave Jim behind because he is turning . I liked the way Rick pleads for their lives when they get to CDC, it shows that he isn’t just a leader, he cares about all of them and is willing to do anything for their safety. He doesn’t take a macho attitude, he knows that it’s very important for them to leave the camp because they are to exposed there. I mean what were they thinking living there in the open? I would found some remote house and barricade myself in it. The vatos were in the city but they were hidden so the walkers couldn’t just get in there. I think they stand a chance if the walkers attack, if they can’t get in the house.I think what Rick done was the best choice for them, even if it was such a long shot, even if the guy didn’t let them in they would find something to do.They are all survivors. I still think they should give the girls some guns:)

The walking dead

Here it is, The Walking Dead, the best hot stuff. It scored first in views with the last three episodes. And my new , all time favorite show. It has thrill, action, emotional stuff, good actors. Based on the comic book with the same name by Robert Kirkman.

Now i have to be honest, i only started watching it because i knew that one of my favorite actors, Norman Reedus is going to be in it(third episode:Tell it to the frogs as Daryl Dixon)But it actually grew on me, made me interested. I always liked to watch horror movies, although i am the kind of girl that screams and hides under a pillow, i still like the thrill . I can tell you even if it is just another zombie movie, it’s different, it really makes you intrigued and interested. The characters are so well played and well written, you have everything from the scum of the heart to his saviors, family drama and survival skills. You even get attached to the characters even if you know they might die this episode or the next one.
This is a post to share my love for the show.
Here is the trailer:)