Sixth: The first of May

Yesterday was the first of May and the international day of labour, or at least here in Europe it is, especially for ex-communist countries, like Romania.For us is a big deal , like a holiday  everybody gets off from work, except for the ones that work in malls, corporative fuckers, i will always have a grudge against them for keeping me from my holidays whenever i worked. i worked for more than 3 years in a mall, it wasn’t fun.If u want to get a job in the mall think again.You have a lot of customers , more than usual at any kind of store and they are open during holidays. I had so much costumers i started to hate people, they just don’t stop coming, ever. In Romania everyone goes out to picnics or to the sea . They have grills and a lot of booze and a lot off fun. It was awesome when i was little to go to this kind of parties. My father used to work at a factory and they throw parties at the local pool. They were huge. Everybody was there. And they played football(european) and drank beer , the children could enjoy themselves without adult supervision because they were busy doing stuff. Total freedom:D.  Here in Germany i don’t know what most people do but we went to Stuttgart and there was a huge fruhlings fest(spring fest) They had rollercoasters and a big ferris wheel and lots of games . Just like a regular Coney island. It was nice. There were fruits dipped in chocolate, yummy. I’m going to try make some at home when i have some time. I am currently dieting so i’m going to wait a while.My whole body hurts from a work-out i took tuesday morning.I would have worked out today but it hurts to much:)).

So i tried the biggest roller coaster with my boyfriend. We don’t have them in Romania, or at least i haven’t seen any. he wanted to ride one for a long time. I was a bit scared of going. I’m not really the let’s go and be shaked and be scared for our lives kind of girl. But this time i was in the mood to do something alive. I’m sitting by myself a lot these days and it’s starting to get to me.ANyways it was terrifying and fun in the same time. My babe was right next to me so i wasn’t my usual scaredy cat, i guess he makes me feel braver and stuff. i have realised that i can’t be happy if he is not around me, i depend on him . It’s weird. I never had this kind of relationship before. I’m literally hurt when he is not with me. It’s like i’m missing part of myself. I hope he doesn’t read this or he will get cocky:)) He knows i love him a lot but not this way:)) I guess this is love.

So the roller coaster, haven’t write for a while and my brain needs too, that’s why i keep getting lost in the details.It was awesome. i wanted to go in the ferris wheel , that’s kind of my dream, with my love, very romantic and stuff, but we were with friends and i felt like the moment would be spoiled. Just like in animes, where the boy and the girl go to the park. Ami’s first love was acknowledged in a Ferris wheel, Sailor Moon fans will know. Living so many lives through imaginary characters has made me want so much unrealistic expectations from life. Lots of disappointments but i would not take anything back.

I guess it was a lovely evening , yesterday, i wish i had some pictures to show but i didn’t have my phone with me.I ate a chocolate dipped apple, apples are becoming my favorite fruits for some reason, i used to love bananas. I think tastes change.

I am in need of something to read, but i haven’t seen any bookstores around and i can’t pirate anything anymore. Germany has strict laws about that. Unlike Romania, i mean we have the laws but nobody cares about some movies or music stolen off the internet because very few afford to pay for all of them. I guess poor countries are freer than other wealthier countries, in some ways. Living here in Germany i learned how much money, or rather the lack of them affects people  You can hardly find true happiness in a poor country. We joke a lot but the lack of having a decent  life affects you long therm.The truth is living in ROmania is hard stuff, the pay for a lot of work is minimal and you can only survive, you cannot thrive,that’s why a lot of ppl go abroad for a better future.Just like we are in Germany. it’s hard, you get homesick, you get downsized because you are a foreigner.You will always be a foreigner, no matter how many years you spend in said country and you will always come back. I hope that my generation will change something in ROmania so it will become the awesome country it can be. We have the resources but the level off human stupidity and laziness is over 9000 there:)) And the fact that we let stupid rich people do what they want and not have another revolution for the way our government rules us with no actual intent to do good for the people but to make themselves richer. Such a corrupt country. Sometimes i wish for the zombie apocalypse or something, we really need a plague to destroy the root of corrupt and evil people. If only that would make things better, but i guess it will only make us ruthless and worst. There is no win unless we wake up and start doing the things we believe in.SO this is what i say to you, wake up, it is only after you to change your future.