We have entered a new year, 2014, i like this number, i really hope this year will be better than the last. 2013 was a bad year for me, and for a lot of people . for some people every year is a bad year or in the contrary , every year is a good one. But for me it was as bad as it gets, partly my fault, for my lack of interest in matters from a lost hope that occurred at the beginning  of the year, when my plans to go and live in England were destroyed and in order to not complete loose our momentum, me an my bf decided we should go in Germany, were he has relatives. The biggest problem we encountered was not knowing the language, it was hard at first to comprehend it because it is very different from English and Romanian, our native language.i started with audio books and reading and writing, so i am decent now, i still have a lot to learn but i need real practice for it, books don”t cover what i need. i only worked 3 months this year, which is the least i had in a long time, and it is hard for me because i have been working since i was 19 and i am used to have a job. It is hard for me not to have an activity like that. I spent almost all my time alone, at home, with the internet, how sad is that? I hope that this year it is all going to change, otherwise i might grow all antisocial , i really learned to be alone and it is hard to start talking to ppl again, of course i had my boyfriend when he wasn’t working, he did had a job all year, witch was very lucky for us , otherwise we had no money, so i was a lot of time depressed this year and that stopped me from doing anything productive so i taught i should think about a resolution this year and make a list of things i should start doing this year so maybe if i have it black on white i wouldn’t have a lot of problems keeping myself true to it. My motivation is near to zero for quite some time, naturally i gained a little weight while i was actually trying to loose some, not moving didn’t  help at all. So here is my list:

1. Eat more vegetables

2. Try to work out at least once a week

3. catch up with my reading

4.start learning how to knit blouses and stuff

5.Get a job and stick with it.

6. Learn more german.

7. Start learning japanese.

8.Start writting at least once a week, i need practice to be able to finally write a book.

9.Keep in touch with ppl.

10. Try to make some friends,cause i have none.

11.Start being selfless a little.

12. Love my boyfriend forever.

13.Be more grateful to being still alive.

14.start enjoying life more,

15. See new places.

16. Buy a camera, so i can take lots of pictures,

17.i really need to loose some weight.

18. Help my family,

19. have more patience with my father .

20. Just be happy and stop worrying so much.